Dr. Reuss performs all of his patients' deliveries when in town and secures excellent care for his patients when he travels. While Dr. Reuss supports the use of epidurals for pain relief during labor, he always respects the preferences of each patient. Episiotomies are the exception rather than the rule. He encourages doulas for patients so inclined. The experience of labor and delivery is a wonderful natural phenomenon, not a medical condition. His desire is to do whatever is possible to ensure that your delivery is a happy and fulfilling experience.

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1st Trimester

(1 - 13 weeks) Normally at the first visit an ultrasound is performed in the office to confirm the due date as well as to reassure the mother. If all appears well the basics of the pregnancy are outlined and the second visit is scheduled for several weeks later. At that second prenatal visit necessary prenatal lab work is obtained and a complete physical exam performed. We will also discuss various genetic testing options available that you or may not choose to undergo.

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2nd Trimester

(14 - 27 weeks) By the beginning of the second trimester most mothers are feeling much better and have more energy. The likelihood for miscarriage has dramatically decreased. Some call the second trimester the “golden trimester”. A formal ultrasound is usually performed between 18 and 20 weeks to make sure the fetus is growing appropriately and its anatomy is normal. Fetal movement is usually appreciated by 18 to 20 weeks. Towards the end of the second trimester Final blood work is performed which is used to evaluate for gestational diabetes and anemia.

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3rd Trimester

(28 - 40 weeks) During the third trimester visits are scheduled every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and weekly thereafter. If the mother is Rh negative a RhoGAM injection is administered 28 weeks.Assessment of fetal movement usually starts at around 30 weeks. 30 weeks. By 37 weeks a group B strep vaginal culture is performed. It is my general recommendation that patients refrain from traveling out of town after 35 weeks. Towards the end of the pregnancy, specific time is set aside to go over decisions regarding pain management labor, birth plans and choosing a pediatrician. Prenatal classes will be discussed as well.